The Water Line Protection Plan is being offered by PA Utility Line Protection Company. (“PA. U.L.P.Co.”). This agreement is between PA. U.L.P.Co and You, a subscriber in (the “Plan.”)
The Plan includes all parts, material and labor required to repair or replace leaking water service lines and customer shut off valve (i.e. first inside shut off valve) for up to $1,500 per occurrence or up to two service calls per year for a total of up to $3,000 annual coverage per covered plan.  PA.U.L.P.Co. or its agent will determine whether to repair or replace any covered parts.  Coverage includes soil restoration, limited to backfill and compaction of excavation area.  PA.U.L.P.Co. reserves the right to choose the materials and/or parts to be utilized; however, all such materials and/or parts, and all work performed, will comply with all relevant and applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards.

Water Line Protection Service Calls – The Company will dispatch an authorized service representative to investigate your water service call.  If the repair is determined to be covered by the Plan, the water service call will be paid by the Plan.  If the repair is not covered by the Plan, the customer will be responsible for paying the plumber directly and for all related uncovered repair costs.

Coverage under the Water Line Protection Plan is limited to the water service line from the limit of the utility’s responsibility up to and including the customer’s shut-off valve.

Eligibility for Coverage
You must own or have written legal responsibility and authority to provide maintenance for the water service line (and associated parts) to the residential dwelling covered by the protection plan.  Residents in multi-unit dwellings such as condominiums and apartments are not eligible for the plan.  You must own the property traversed by the water service line or you must show proof of a valid easement that permits access for the repair and /or replacement of the water service line if it crosses any intervening property.  The water service line must be a standard line that is no greater than 1-1/2 inches in diameter.  PA.U.L.P.Co. reserves the right to deny coverage for any reason.  Upon sale of the covered property, the plan is transferable to subsequent property owners only.  Transfer must be completed within 30 days from the date of sale. A claim cannot be filed on the property within 60 days of signup.
The protection plan becomes effective 30 days after receipt of your initial payment.  The plan will remain in effect for one year from the effective date unless cancelled or terminated sooner.  PA.U.L.P.Co. reserves the right to make an on-site inspection of your service line and associated parts to ensure they are in proper operating condition before accepting any responsibility under the plan.  You will receive an acknowledgment letter indicating your enrollment in the Water Line Protection Plan.

The protection plan does not include the repairs of any work specifically and solely for the purpose of increasing water pressure or flow to the premises, nor does it include any parts not specifically identified as covered. The plan does not cover commercial properties, only residential. The plan does not cover any type of rental property which falls under commercial property. Items such as pressure-reducing valves, booster pumps, stop & waste valves, shut-off valves, meter pits, meter pit valves, meter pit covers, lawn and/or fire sprinkler systems, etc. are not included in the plan coverage.  The plan does not cover leak repairs to any interior pipes beyond the shut-off valve inside your home or beyond two feet inside the interior wall where the supply enters your home.  It does not cover any damage to finished or unfinished walls inside your home.  The plan does not cover pre-existing damages, new service installations, relocation or alteration of existing water service lines, repairs and/or replacement parts damaged directly or indirectly as a result of you or any other party working or excavating on your property or in the vicinity of the water service line or its associated parts.  The plan does not cover damages caused by natural disasters, which may include but are not limited to hurricanes, storms, flooding, landslides, and civil disobedience, riot or war.  It does not cover pipes and appurtenances installed less than 36” under cover or not enclosed in a heated facility.   The plan does not cover the cost of updating non-leaking pipes to comply with any federal, state or local laws, regulations or ordinances, nor does it cover the repair or replacement arising from manufacturer’s recalls, defects or class action suits.  It does not cover the cost of restoration or repair of hard or soft landscaping, which includes but is not limited to driveways, walkways, patios, flowerbeds, sprinkler systems, trees, lawns, shrubbery and other plantings and structures.  

You may cancel this protection plan in writing at any time by notifying PA Utility Line Protection Company, Attention:  Water Line Protection Plan, 3948 Monroeville Blvd, Suite 3, Monroeville, PA  15146.  Coverage will continue until the end of the period for which you have paid.  There will be no refunds for payments made under the plan.  PA.U.L.P.Co. may also terminate this plan for non-payment of the fee and reserves the right to terminate this plan if PA.U.L.P.Co. determines that: (1) the service line or its associated parts do not conform to the standards listed in these terms and conditions; (2) there are unsafe working conditions at the site that the property owner or person responsible for service line maintenance refuses to correct; or (3) the property owner or person responsible for service line maintenance does not allow or permit the servicing or replacement of any parts necessary to maintain, repair or replace the parts covered.

PA.U.L.P.Co. will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to water damage caused by leaks or damage to landscaping due to excavation and restoration.  PA.U.L.P.Co. will also not be held liable for any damages caused by you or to your property unless such damages are the direct result of negligence of PA.U.L.P.Co. or its agents.  All work in relation to the protection plan must be performed by PA.U.L.P.Co. or our authorized plumber(s) and contractor(s).  This plan will not pay for any labor or parts for the repair or replacement of any covered items performed by any unauthorized parties or any water damage caused by leaks.  The maximum amount that PA.U.L.P.Co. will pay for all covered repairs under the plan is $3,000 per year.  The property owner will be responsible to pay any costs that exceed $3,000 per year directly to the plumber and/or contractor.  All repair work completed under this plan is guaranteed for a period of 90 days for failures or defects in material or workmanship.

The protection plan is eligible for renewal 30 days before the anniversary of the enrollment date, with payment due on the anniversary date.  PA.U.L.P.Co. may contact you by mail, e-mail, and/or telephone to obtain authorization to renew the plan.  PA.U.L.P.Co. reserves the right to change the coverage or price of the plan without prior notice.  PA.U.L.P.Co. reserves the right to cancel the plan on 90 days notice with pro-rated refund less any cost of any services provided.  If renewal payment is not received on the anniversary date of the renewal, the plan will lapse without coverage.  If the plan lapses, you may re-enroll in the plan at any time but will be subject to another thirty (30) day waiting period.
Reporting a leak or break on your water service line
If you suspect a leak or break to your water service line, call (724) 387-8039 to report the problem. PA.U.L.P.Co. will have a representative contact you to investigate the source of the problem and begin the repairs normally within 24 hours of your initial call. However, PA.U.L.P.Co. will not be responsible for delays beyond its reasonable control.
Limitation of liability
The liability, if any, of PA.U.L.P.Co., its affiliated companies, their employees, agents and contractors to the customer or to any other person for damages resulting from the provision of or failure to provide service under the Plan, or from any fault, failure, defect or deficiency in any service, labor, material, work or product furnished in connection with the Plan, shall be limited to an annual amount not to exceed $3,000.  In no event, however, shall PA.U.L.P.Co., its affiliate companies, their employees, agents and contractors have any liability for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the provision of or failure to provide service under this Plan, or from any fault, failure, defect or deficiency in any service, labor, material, work or product furnished in connection with the Plan. These limitations of and exclusions from liability shall apply regardless of whether a claim or remedy is sought in contract, tort (including negligence and strict liability) or otherwise.  The Plan is not an insurance contract or policy.  The Plan provides for the repair of leaks/breaks to your customer-owned water line due to normal wear and tear.  This contract constitutes the entire agreement between PA.U.L.P.Co. and You, and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether written or oral.  By initiating payment on this site, you hereby declare that you understand and agree to all the afore-mentioned terms and conditions.

To report a leak 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, please call: (724) 387-8039